Canada Education Consultants in Kochi Kerala (Free & Paid Study Abroad Services)

Canada Education Consultants in Kochi Kerala (Free & Paid Study Abroad Services)

If you’re considering pursuing a degree or Masters program in Canada, consider consulting with a team of Canada education consultants in Kochi. These Canada study abroad experts are familiar with the student visa requirements of Canada and can provide guidance and suggestions for admission to a university in Canada. They will help you locate the most suitable Canadian study programs and will work to guide you through applying. You can also seek assistance with the requirements for a visa. Applying to a university in Canada is challenging for those unfamiliar with the study abroad procedure.


Popular Study Programs for Canada for Indian Students

Canada is ranked among the best countries for overseas education and one of the top study destinations for Kerala students for many reasons. A large number of students choose to study in Canada due to its excellent education system, multicultural society, and warm welcome toward foreign students within the country. Canada provides a variety of courses students can choose from. Some of the most popular courses offered in Canada are below.


  • Engineering
  • Business management
  • Health Science
  • IT
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Accountancy
  • Agricultural Science
  • Accounting
  • Graphic Designing


The degrees awarded by Canadian institutions are widely sought-after across the globe and can lead to excellent career opportunities in Canada and other countries. Whatever program students choose, they will get a top-quality education when they attend school in Canada.


Top 10 Canada Education Consultants in Kochi (Free & Paid) 

The study in Canada is a fantastic chance for professional and personal development, and educational experts can make it happen. As one of the most diverse nations, Canada is a top destination for higher education and a safe and warm nation for students from other countries. Kochi is home to various Canadian education consultants that can assist students in applying for admission. They offer students valuable information on the colleges in Canada and the most suitable programs for studying in Canada. When selecting a college in Canada, selecting the top institutions for your study area is essential. The experts at these schools can help you make the right choice by presenting you with the most suitable alternatives.

With Canada educational consultants from Kochi, You can assist in making studying in Canada effortless and enjoyable. If you’re considering going to study in Canada, It is recommended to consult with educational consultants in Kochi. They can assist you with finding the top Canadian programs, guide you through the process of applying, and ensure you comply with all conditions for obtaining a visa.


List of Top 10 Canada Study Abroad Consultants in Kochi Kerala 


1.Pulse UK International: Free Services- No Fee from Students.
Study Abroad Services.  Guidance on career, support in choosing the university, Application, IELTS/OET, Post landing services , loan assistance and visa support.
Services for Canada: Pulse UK International Pvt Ltd is a leading study abroad consultancy in Kochi, offering undergraduate, Master, PhD and other education programs. Pulse UK International offers career guidance for students planning to study abroad in Canada and helps them choose suitable Canadian colleges and universities per their preferences and objectives. Pulse UK International assists throughout the entire process, like documentation and study abroad loan services across Kerala and offers assistance and advice in obtaining the necessary visas to study in Canada.  Pulse UK also provides IELTS & OET Coaching with hostel facility. Address: PulseUK International, Educational institution. Near Metro Station, Aluva, Ernakulam, Kochi  Kerala.


2.Global Reach: Global Reach is a known Canada Education Consultants in the Kochi area that provides Canada study visa-related services. The company also provides support for Canadian education loans and shows money assistance. Global Reach provides career counseling, university selection, visa documentation, pre-departure briefing, and many more services to help you with Canada education.
Address: Centre Point, 7B, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Pallimukku, Kochi, Kerala


3. IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd. Overseas Education Service: Assistance with study visa application, visa guidance, and support before departure.
Study Abroad Services: Help with applications, counseling and assistance before departure. IDP Education provides various services to students who wish to study in Canada. IDP is one of the best agencies in Kochi for Canadian visa services and study abroad programs. It provides professional advice to help students select appropriate courses and Canadian universities. They guide the students throughout the whole process and ensure they have a smooth transition to their Canadian education.
Address: Coastal chambers, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Ravipuram, Ernakulam, Kerala 682016


4.Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd: Overseas Education Services: Counseling, College selection, Application support, Student Visa guidance.
Canada Study Visa Services: Santa Monica Agency is the leading overseas agency for Canada education that provides students counseling to select Canada universities according to their personal preferences, profile and choice. They can assist during the application process, including reviewing and submitting applications. They also offer advice regarding Canada visa requirements and assist students in applying for visas.
Address: Mercy Junction, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Ravipuram, Kochi, Kerala 682015


5. Canam Consultants Ltd.: Student Services: counselling, university selection process, applications and visa assistance.
Canada Study Permit Services: Canam is one of the leading overseas consultants for Canada education in Kochi that support students for various abroad studies. From application filing to study permits. Canam help in the application process, which includes reviewing and submitting applications and choosing the preferred study program. They also offer guidance on arranging the documents for a Canada study visa and admission.

Address:South Point,  Ravipuram, Cochin, Kerala.


6. Edwise International Services: Counseling in Canada education, University selection, Application processing, and study permit.
What they Offer: Edwise International is an experienced education abroad consultant for Canada that provides guidance to students planning to study abroad and helps them select Canadian colleges and universities according to their student goals. They also provide visa assistance by guiding students through the visa application process and helping with documentation. Address: Manepara Arcade, 1st Floor, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Perumanoor, Cochin -682015. Kerala,


7.Study Overseas Global:Study Overseas Global is an experienced Study in-Canada consultant in Kochi that deals with Canadian study programs.
Canada Student Visa Services: The services offered by Study Overseas Global include edu loan guidance, study permit and applications.

Address: 5E, 5th Floor, Oxford Business Centre, Sreekandath Road, Kochi.


8. Riya Study Abroad: Riya study abroad is listed among the leading education consultants in Kochi for Canada that deal with the admission process of various universities abroad, including Canada. Riya’s study abroad team also supports students in the application process, helping students in the preparation and submission of applications. They also guide visas aiding students to understand the conditions for obtaining a visa and helping in applying for visas.
Address: Atlantis, Ravipuram, Perumanoor, Kochi, Kerala



10.Chopras Overseas Education: Chopras is among India’s leading Canada education consultancy that also offers its services in Kochi. Chopras Overseas Education consultancy helps Canada study abroad aspirants choose a course, university applications, and documentation for a Canada visa permit. They also offer advice regarding Canadian culture and part-time job availability in Canada.  Address: 6th Floor, Alapatt Heritage Building,  Kochi, Kerala 682035


Note: Please note that consultants’ same quality of services and support can differ. You should visit the websites of the consultancies, study their offerings and processing charges, if any and read their reviews to determine which experts are most compatible with your particular requirements and preferences.


PR Friendly Courses in Canada

Before we dive into the best courses for obtaining PR as an international student, it’s important to understand what factors contribute to getting permanent residency after studying in Canada.

  1. Duration of Study:The longer your course of study, the better your chances of obtaining PR.
  2. Language Proficiency:Proficiency in English or French is required by most Canadian immigration programs.
  3. Work Experience:Work experience gained during or after your studies in Canada can boost your chances of obtaining PR.
  4. Education Level:A higher education increases your chances of eligibility for certain PR programs.


Best courses to help you get PR in Canada

  1. Healthcare Programs

Some popular healthcare programs include:

  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy


  1. Engineering Programs

Engineering is a field where there is high demand for skilled workers in Canada. Many engineering programs offer co-op opportunities that allow students to gain work experience while studying. Some popular engineering programs include:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Software Engineering


  1. Information Technology Programs

Some popular IT programs include:

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Data Science
  • Cyber security


  1. Business Programs

Studying business can be a great way to gain practical skills that can be applied to many industries. Some popular business programs include:

  • International Business Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources Management


  1. Social Sciences and Humanities Programs

Studying social sciences or humanities can lead to careers in education, community services, and government agencies. Some popular social sciences and humanities programs include:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Public Administration


Canada Student Permit Requirements 

Canada offers a broad range of options for study from renowned institutions and universities, making it an appealing option for foreign students. The visa process requires meeting requirements like acceptance into a specified educational institution, having sufficient money to cover your expenses and your family members, and proving your connection to your country of origin. As Canada has the highest number of visa rejections in India compared to other study-abroad countries, it is beneficial to consult a Canadian education advisor to help you guide you through the complicated visa process and ensure your application is completed and exact. The most beneficial study abroad options might have additional requirements like exams for language proficiency and medical examinations.


Studying and preparing ahead is crucial to ensure you satisfy the visa requirements for students before applying. Canadian educational consultants offer additional assistance to ensure international students get the best educational experience possible. Since Canada continues to draw international students, The Canadian government is dedicated to supporting their transition and giving them academic and personal growth opportunities.


Services provided by Canada Study Abroad Consultants 

Most of the Canada study abroad consultants in Kochi are committed to providing students with the right tools and assistance to achieve their goals of studying in Canada becomes a reality. They provide various services that assist students throughout the process, including assistance with visa applications, IELTS classes, study abroad services, and mock interviews. The teams of experts they have are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the study abroad field and are committed to giving students truthful and precise guidance.

The professionals managing the Canada Study Abroad Services understand that choosing the right school and program is crucial for visa approval and career goals. They also assist students in preparing for exams and interviews and offer assistance in all aspects of applying. Ultimately, Canada Study Abroad Services provided by the study abroad agencies is an excellent resource for students planning to further their studies in Canada.

Reasons to Study in Canada

Canada’s study process has numerous advantages and is an excellent choice for students pursuing their studies. One of the main reasons to study in Canada is the ease of application to become a permanent resident, which could lead to employment opportunities and possibly citizenship later on. Canada is also renowned for its excellent quality of education research opportunities and its affordable tuition rates compared to other destinations for study.

Canada also offers international students studying in Canada with many immigration options like quick PR and citizenship. Canada has many lively cities brimming with a distinct blend of different cultures and experiences and surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Ultimately, Canada is known for its welcoming nature and giving options for students looking to achieve the ideal combination of lifestyle and education. The study Canada programs provide students with the best education and a chance to settle in a developed country like Canada. International students can easily find jobs in Canada and apply for PR after completing the requirements for Permanent residency.


Another benefit of Canadian education is that students can easily obtain permanent residency following graduation. Easy jobs and PR are the two significant factors that attract Indian students to Canada. Canada is one of the chosen countries for higher education people looking to study abroad. International students in Canada can easily find jobs across various industries and opportunities to make Canada their home. With a strong economic system, a lower population rate, and an administration focused on international students’ requirements, Canada is an ideal opportunity to start your career, particularly in technology, healthcare, or professional service. Overall, a degree from Canada is an amazing experience that gives students numerous opportunities, a wealth of connections, and an excellent education.




Canada Education Consultants Kochi provides expert education guidance and help choosing the right study programs. A common and frequently asked question from students concerns the prerequisites and procedures to obtain a PR status in Canada when they have completed their studies.

The knowledgeable consultants can answer any queries and address students’ questions or concerns. Whether selecting the best course or institution or offering assistance through applying for a visa, Canada Education Consultants in Kochi is dedicated to providing top-quality services for students looking to further their studies in Canada.


1. What is the average fee that educational consultants for Canada in Kerala charge?

The charges for Canada educational services in Kerala differ based on their services. Most agencies in Kochi do not charge any service fee for Canada education services. They usually provide many services without charging students as they receive their commission from Canadian Universities. However, some education consultants in Kochi Kerala might charge for the services they offer to the students. It is recommended to properly verify the costs of various consultants before choosing one.

2. Is the Indian MBA valid in Canada?

Indian MBA degrees are generally recognized in Canada if accredited by the University Grants Commission. However, certain organizations or employers might require further certification or training before recognizing this degree’s validity. 


3. Who is accountable for education in Canada?

In Canada, Each province or territory has its education system and is accountable for establishing guidelines for curriculum, hiring teachers, and managing the schools’ infrastructure. For more information check Canadian Information Centre website.


4. Is education in Canada cheap?

Canadian education is not recommended for students looking for cheap studies abroad. But the public universities in Canada generally have lower tuition fees than private universities and other institutions. There are also various scholarships available to students to cover the expense for their educational expenses.

5. Which are the best Canada student visa consultants in Kochi?

When choosing an expert to help you study abroad in Kochi in Kerala, It is essential to conduct your research and choose a company with an established reputation and a long-standing track record in helping students achieve their ambitions. Kerala’s best study experts for Canada comprise Pulse UK International, Study World Education, and Chopras Overseas Education. It is crucial to consider factors like the quality of services, success rate, and support during the application process before choosing any one of the best study in Canada consultants.


6. How much do consultants charge for Canada Study Permit?

The costs that Canada consultants in Kochi charge for Canada student visas can differ following the amount of service they provide. Most Canada Consultants do not charge any service fee from students for Canada study visas. Some agencies charge normal registration fees for students ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 10000. Always confirm the registration fees and other agencies’ charges before starting the entire process. 


7. What is the fee of Canadian immigration services in Kochi?

Canada immigration agents in Kochi might charge different fees following the services offered. Certain consultants might offer a flat rate, while others might charge an amount based on the applicant’s salary or a fee per application. The fee can also differ according to the degree of difficulty in the immigration application and the level of assistance required. Consulting several agencies s and evaluating their costs before settling on one will be helpful.


8 . What is the best source for studying abroad guidance?
The best way to receive advice on studying abroad can take time and effort. Always do some homework. In addition, you should consider the firm’s experience in assisting in submitting visa applications and the selection of universities.


9. Which is the most suitable visa for students who want to study in Canada?
The Study Permit is the most suitable visa for students studying in Canada. It permits foreign students planning to study at approved educational institutions in Canada. 


10. Is an Indian degree valid in Canada?

Yes. Canada accepts Indian degrees recognized by the UGC (University Grants Commission). However, certain Canadian employers might require further certification or training to offer the job. Investigating your chosen field’s requirements before seeking work in Canada is advisable.


How Can a Reliable Study in Canada Consultants in Kochi Help You?

If you’re an undergraduate student from Kerala planning higher education in Canada, finding the perfect agency to obtain a student visa is vital. The best agency to apply for a Canada student visa in Kerala is one that can provide full assistance and advice throughout the process. They should be well-versed in Canada’s education policies and know Canadian student visa rules. In addition, they must be upfront about their costs and have reasonable rates. Most importantly, they will guide you on which courses are best for getting quick jobs and PR if your priority is settling in Canada. Suppose you plan only to get higher education in Canada and return to India. In that case, you must choose your universities according to the university rankings and course preferences.
Enquiring and evaluating various agencies is always advisable before choosing and Canada student visa agency. Reliable reviews and suggestions from former students may also help you decide.


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