Top 10 Germany Education Consultants in Kerala Kochi

Top 10 Germany Education Consultants in Kerala Kochi

Why Study in Germany?

Studying in Germany has many perks for Indian students – from free tuition to top-notch education and a rich cultural experience. It’s no surprise that Germany is a much sought-after study destination. Here are the benefits:

  • No tuition fees: Public universities don’t charge tuition fee, so higher education is accessible and affordable for everyone, including international students.
  • World-Class Education – German universities are known for their high standards and research facilities.
  • Job opportunities – universities have strong ties with leading industries, giving students access to internships, job placements, and networking.
  • Cultural experience – studying in Germany lets you immerse yourself in German culture, history, and language and explore its landscapes, architecture, and art.
  • Pro tip:  Start planning and applying early to improve your chances of admission.

List of Top Germany Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala

Below is the list of the best Germany study abroad consultants in Kerala providing  education services in Germany. 

1.Go Germany Education Consultants: Go Germany is one of the best study abroad consultants for Germany in Kerala, exclusively dealing with German study abroad programs. Go Germany offers personalized counseling to students seeking higher education in German Public universities that offer FREE education. They offer admission support for UG, MS/PG in Germany, Ausbildung Programs in Nursing, IT, and other trades, MDS in Germany with job assistance, and other programs.

The German education services of Go Germany include assistance with German visa processes, APS certification, Uni Assist payments, document translations, and admission applications. Go Germany also offers online and offline German language training up to the C1 level, including a hostel facility. Go Germany also provides post-landing support like arranging accommodation and Airport pick etc., through its office in Germany. Website :


2.Ed Abroad : Edabroad is a study in german education consultants in kochi with a special focus on free education programs in German public universities like MS in Germany, Ausbildung Programs, Post Graduation in Germany, and many other German study programs. Edabroad also offers services to students interested in pursuing free vocational training programs (Ausbildung) in Germany and guides students in course selection, admission procedures, and SOP, German language training, among other services. Website :

3.Eduflair Learning Solutions: Eduflair is a leading overseas education consultant in Kozhikode specializing higher education in Germany. Eduflair is a leading German educaton consultant that offer various services, including admission guidance, German visa application assistance, and funding services. Eduflair also provide German language classes and Ausbildung programs.
Website :

4.Global Tree: Global Tree is a well-known Germany education consultant in Kerala for studying abroad that provides services to students looking for admission to private universities in Germany. A global Tree is a group of highly experienced experts who assist in selecting the best program or university and city and also help complete the visa application. They also provide German language classes and preparation for entrance examinations. Their website is Website

5.EduGermany: EduGermany is a German study abroad agency specializing in education in German private universities. Kerala. Their team provide customized admission counselling to German universities and career in Germany. They also assist with admissions, visa assistance, and travel and accommodation arrangements. Their website is Website

6.Affiniks Learn Abroad: Affiniks Study Abroad is a leading education consultant who helps students from Kerala to realize their goal of studying in German private universities. They offer counselling, language coaching, pre-departure briefings, and assistance after arrival. Their website is Website :

7. DK Study Abroad: DK Study Abroad LLP is a trusted study abroad consultant specializing in German education (Private universities). They provide services like guidance on career planning, choosing a university, submitting applications, and travel assistance.
Their website is Website

8. Santamonica Study Abroad: Santamonica Study Abroad is a renowned German study abroad consultancy in Kochi which provides services to students who want to study in German private universities. They offer counselling, admissions and university selection assistance, visa assistance, and travel and accommodation arrangements. They also provide counselling and visa documentation support. Their website is Website

9. KCR Consultants: KCR Consultants is a Chennai-based company that offers services to students aspiring to study in Germany in Kerala. Their services include German study visa counseling, language training, and course finder services to help students planning to study in Germany. Website :

10. SACK Ernakulam: Study Abroad Consultants is a well-known study abroad consultancy in the area that supports students interested in studying in Germany. SACK offers various German education services, including assessment of eligibility, course selection, document verification, Opening blocked accounts for students, financial support, and post-admission services.
Website :


Studying in Germany for Indian Students

Germany is a top pick for Indian students searching for higher education. It offers world-class universities and free tuition! For Indian students, studying in Germany is a fantastic experience despite the difficulties. It gives them a global perspective and new opportunities.

Here are a few points to remember before studying in Germany:

  • Language proficiency: German is the main language used in schools. The German language is not required for English-taught programs in Germany, but students should have IELTS with a minimum 5.0 score to apply. It’s best to have some knowledge of German for easy communication while studying in Germany.
  • Finance: Though education is free, you still need to pay for accommodation, health insurance, and other living costs.
  • Visa: An Indian student must get a visa to study in Germany. This process takes a few weeks, so start early.
  • Marks Percentage Requirement:Each university has different admission criteria. Be sure to check them out! Generally, to get PG admission to public universities, students should have a minimum of 65% percentage in engineering streams and a minimum of 55% percentage in graduation in humanities.


Germany study abroad consultants in Kerala


Free Education System in Germany

Germany is known for offering tuition-free education to both domestic and international students, like Indians. It will come with small living and administrative costs, but tuition fees are not included. For overseas students, universities in Germany offer courses taught in English. These include undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Ph.D. programs, and professional programs.

To study in Germany as an Indian student, you must have a high school diploma and qualify for higher education entrance qualification for undergraduate studies.

A degree from Germany will increase your chances of getting a job anywhere in Europe. Thanks to free education and exposure to a different culture.

Tip: Research the university and course that fits your interests and career goals. Also, apply for scholarships and financial aid to cover any extra costs.


Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students to Study in Germany
Indian students looking for higher education in Germany must fulfill certain criteria. Here are the basics:

Academic Credentials

A bachelor’s degree (minimum) from a recognized university is needed to apply for a master’s degree. For a bachelor’s degree, Indian students must have successfully finished 13 years of education. (Plus 2 and 1 year of College education or plus 2 and one-year foundation course in Germany)

Language Proficiency:  B1 level competency in the German language is mandatory for necessary for German-taught courses.For courses taught in English, TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent exams must be passed.

Visa Documentation: Valid passport, financial support, and health insurance are essential for a German student visa.

APS Certification: German universities made APS mandatory for applicants from certain countries, including India.

Admission Requirements: Application deadlines, documents required, and program-specific eligibility criteria must be met.

Tip: Research the preferred institution’s admission criteria and course to ensure all conditions are met.

What is APS Certification?

“Akademische Prüfstelle” or APS Certification checks whether the certificates are bonafide.

How to Apply for APS Certification?

The APS certification process is completely online, and students must submit copies of the certificates. Original documents are not required.

APS Certificate Details

The APS certification cost: Rs-18000 in India.
Process: Online
Duration: 15 Days to 1 Month
Type of certificates required: Copies of the certificates only (No need to submit the original documents)
APS India website:

Possible Questions for German Study Visa Interview
  1. What is the reason for choosing this course and university?
  2. Why you chose Germany for higher education?
  3. Have you researched the university and the program you are enrolled in?
  4. How did you come to know about this university and program?
  5. What are your plans after your studies?
  6. How will you manage your expenses in Germany?
  7. Have you made any arrangements for travel and accommodation for your stay in Germany?
  8. Do you have any other plans besides studying in Germany?

How to Answer German Study Visa Interview Questions?

Important Tips while Answering the Study Visa Questions:
Never give an impression to the visa officer that your main purpose of going to Germany is to stay and search for a job. It is better to inform them that your main purpose in German education is to get a better education, global exposure, and return to India to find a job and settle here. Also, be familiar with the name of the German Chancellor, famous cities, etc.

Cost of Living in Germany for Indian Students

Living in Germany for Indian students is inexpensive compared to other European nations. Although tuition is free, there are other costs. Let’s take a look at some common costs:

The major cost includes the cost of accommodation, food, transportation and internet.

Items Expense in EUR
Accommodation 400 to 550 EUR
Health Insurance 80 EUR
Meals Average 150 to 250 EUR
Transportation 50 to 75 EUR
Telephone /Internet 35 to 55 EUR


Part Time Jobs for Students

Permitted Hours- 120 half days or 240 half days
Average Income from Part time job- 
Around 500 EUR

Remember that these costs can differ depending on location and student lifestyle. Making and sticking to a budget is wise for managing expenses effectively.

Tips to reduce expenses:

  • Scholarships and financial aid can reduce the cost of living for Indian students in Germany.
  • You can reduce the transportation cost by using the bicycles.
Scholarships for Indian Students in Germany

Germany offers numerous scholarship programs for Indian students wanting to study and research. Popular scholarships include:

  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
  • Heinrich Boll Scholarships
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships

These scholarships are available for different educational levels and study areas, such as undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. Plus, some universities provide international scholarships and aid to help students with living expenses.

Tips for Indian Students Studying in Germany

Studying in Germany is a great choice for Indian students searching for good quality education, cheap living, and a multi-cultural experience. The following are important points for Indian students who aspire to study in Germany:

  • Learn German: The German language is not required for admission to English-taught programs. However, learning a little bit of German will help you communicate better and understand the culture, making your life in Germany easier.
  • Familiarize yourself with the education system: Research the structure of courses, credit system, and grading system to ensure everything is clear.
  • Look for scholarships: Although education in Germany is cheaper than in other countries, look for scholarships for additional financial support.
  • Get a part-time job: Student visas allow part-time work, but don’t depend solely on it.
  • Respect cultural differences: Respect and embrace cultural differences – it’ll help make friends and understand the culture better.
  • Join language and cultural orientation programs: Several universities offer and make the most of such programs.
  • Utilize public transport: Save money using public transportation/ using bicycles. – it’s reliable and efficient.
Study in Germany FAQ
  • Are Indian students eligible to receive free education in Germany?
    Yes, Indian students are eligible for free tuition in German public universities.
  • What are the requirements for Indian students to study MS or PG in Germany?
    Indian students must have a recognized degree, a valid passport, and proof of proficiency in English or German language. They must also meet the university’s academic requirements to which they are applying. Students with at least 65% marks in graduation can apply for MS in Engineering. Other students, with 60%, can apply for PG admission in public universities for free study.
  • What courses are available for Indian students in Germany?
    A range of courses is available for Indian students in Germany, from technology and engineering to humanities and social sciences.
  • Can students work while studying in Germany?
    Students can work up to 20 hours a week while studying in Germany. A part-time job will help cover living expenses and gain work experience.
  • Are scholarships offered to Indian students enrolled in German universities?
    Yes. Indian students can apply for the DAAD scholarship and the Erasmus Mundus award, among other scholarships, to study in Germany.
  • How to apply for a visa to study in Germany from India?
    Indian nationals must apply for student visas at the German Embassy in New Delhi or Consulates in Chennai, Mumbai, or Bangalore. Applicants can check the visa section German embassy in India, for more information.
  • Is the German language certificate mandatory for English Taught programs?
    No, Geman language proficiency is not required for English-taught programs in Germany.
  • Is the IELTS certificate compulsory for admission to English Taught programs in Germany?
    Yes, From 2022, IELTS or other English Test scores are compulsory for admission to the English medium programs in Germany. (Minimum score 5.0)

Conclusion:  We hope the details about education programs and Germany study abroad consultants in Kerala have helped you in your study in Germany journey. Always cross-check the details of the Germany student visa agencies in Kerala before engaging them.

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