Best 7 Study Abroad Consultants in Kannur – 100% Free

Best 7 Study Abroad Consultants in Kannur – 100% Free

Studying abroad is a dream of many Indian students. Popular destinations for Indian students for overseas education include the USA (United States of America), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia and Germany. However, choosing a destination among these five can be challenging. Here, we offer helpful tips to Indian students looking abroad on selecting a study destination among these five nations that are favorites of Indian students due to job opportunities and PR (Permanent Residency) friendly. You can also check the top 5 study abroad consultants in Kannur that offer study abroad services in and around Kannur.

Why Indian Students Prefer Overseas Education?

Before checking how to choose an ideal study abroad destination, it’s essential to understand why studying abroad has become such a popular option among Indian students:

Quality Education: Many famous universities across the globe provide world-class education and in depth research opportunities.

Employment Prospects: Graduates with international degrees often possess an edge when entering the job market, as their global perspective and possible access to better opportunities are an asset in job searching.

Personal Development: Living independently in another country promotes personal growth, self-reliance, and adaptability.

Networking: Expanding one’s social and professional connections is important in many fields.


Top 7 Study Abroad Consultants in Kannur


1.Salvemaria Group Kannur

Salvemaria Group is a leading study abroad consultancy in Kannur that offer free study abroad services to selected countries like UK, Canada, Australia , France, Spain etc. Their user-friendly website is a gateway to overseas education, providing details of each country’s admission criteria, requirements, intake details, etc.

Study Abroad Services Offered by Salvemaria Group


Expertise and Guidance:

Study abroad consultants know extensively about various universities, courses, scholarships, and visa requirements across different countries. They are well-versed in understanding and matching individual aspirations with suitable educational institutions that suit students’ profiles. Salvemaria Group’s team of experienced consultants ensures that every student receives personalized attention throughout their journey.

Streamlining Application Process:
The application process for studying abroad can be intricate and time-consuming. Don’t worry; the team at Salvemaria helps you complete the application process per each university’s requirements without any mistakes.

Financial Guidance:

Financing education overseas can be daunting for many students. Salvemaria can able to help students in choosing the best education loan at the lowest interest from Government and other financial institutions.

Visa Support:
Salvermaria supports students in visa documentation and submission of study visa applications at various embassies in all locations in India.


SOP Guidance: Salvermaria offers free guidance for SOP writing.


Salve Maria International
2nd Floor, South Bazar,

Kannothchal, Kannur,
Kerala, India: 670002


2. New Vision Canada Study Abroad Consultants Kannur

Studying in a foreign country involves numerous decisions – from choosing the right university and program to understanding visa requirements and scholarship opportunities.  Study abroad consultants have experience and expertise in dealing with numerous universities and help students seeking admission at various overseas education institutions.  New Vision Canada’s team of experienced consultants offers free advice on selecting suitable universities, tuition fees and scholarship options, as well as part-time jobs and job opportunities after completing the course.


New Vision Canada’s Overseas Education Services Include


  • Expert guidance for choosing the right universities
  • Assistance in the application process
  • Scholarship assistance
  • Visa Documentation and filling support
  • Education loan arrangement
  • Pre-departure Assistance etc
  • SOP Support



New Vision Canada, Near Railway Station, Kannur
Kerala, India- Pin – 670017


3.Edu World Educational Consultants Kannur

EduWorld Educational recognizes that every individual has unique strengths and aspirations; hence, they tailor their guidance accordingly. EduWorld provides one-on-one consultations and solutions for each student. If you are searching for a trusted Study abroad consultant in Kannur for Germany, Canada , Europe and UK study visa, you can consider Edu World International.


Address: EduWorld Education Consultants


4. Alison Study Abroad Consultants Kannur

Alison’s Global is an experienced overseas education consultants that focus on free study-abroad services. Yes, you read that right – most abroad education services at Alison’s Global are completely free!


Alison Study Abroad Consultants Kannur
Kaoser Complex. Kannur, Kerala. India- Pincode- 670002


5.Sanjo Education Guidance Kannur

Completing the process of studying overseas can be overwhelming without proper guidance. This is where Sanjo Overseas Education Consultants Kannur plays a crucial role in helping students achieve their dreams. Sanjo Guidance is a leading education consultancy in Kannur that has provided study-abroad solutions to students for the last five years.


Services Offered by Sanjo Guidance:

  1. University Selection: The team at Sanjo Guidance assists students in selecting universities based on their academic profile, career aspirations, budgetary constraints, and desired location.
  2. Course Counseling: Sanjo Group offers free counseling sessions for students for UG, Masters and PhD programs.
  3. Application Assistance: Filling the application of universities abroad requires experience and knowledge. Sanjo group help students file their application without any errors for secured admission.
  4. SOP- Free SOP Guidance
  5. Education Loan– Study abroad loans from banks and other financial institutions
  6. Visa Guidance: Navigating the visa application process of different countries can be complex. Sanjo Guidance simplifies this process by providing expert visa documentation and interview preparation guidance.

Sanjo Overseas Education Consultants
Talap, Kannur,  Kerala, India.Pin code  670002.


6. Angelorio Study Overseas 

Angelorio Study Overseas is a leading study abroad service provider in Kannur, providing admission guidance for students seeking admission to various universities and colleges in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Schengen countries. 

Angelorio Study Overseas
Jublee Bazar, Kannur District. Kerala


7. Global Skills Study Abroad

Global Skills is a leading study abroad agency in Kannur providing study visa services to various countries abroad, including Canada, Germany, and Europe. It guides visa interviews, education funding, and documentation.

Global Skills Study Abroad
Green Plaza Hyper Market, Kannur, Kerala 670001


More Educational Consultants in Kannur District

Are you searching for educational consultants in and around Kannur? Instead of searching for Study abroad consultants near me in Kannur, you can contact the below education consultancies for overseas education programs.


Europe Study Centre
Prabath junction- Fort Road Kannur,

Belford International Education
Prabath junction- Fort Road Kannur District, Kerala-67000


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Study Abroad Destination


  • Academic Programs and Reputation: To find universities and colleges that offer your desired academic program in your chosen country, research their reputation. Look out for institutions offering this specialty; check rankings in that field as well. Other factors, such as faculty qualifications, research opportunities, and alumni success stories, are important considerations.
  • Cost and Scholarships: Studying abroad can be costly, so it is wise to research the costs of studying in your destination country. Explore the scholarship and financial aid opportunities available specifically for Indian students – some countries and institutions offer this assistance specifically.
  • Cost of Living: In addition to tuition fees, consider the overall cost of living in your chosen country. The total cost includes accommodation, food, transportation, and daily living costs such as grocery costs. It is wise to create a budget to manage these expenses comfortably.
  • Work Opportunities: Some countries allow for more lax work regulations, enabling students to work part-time during studies and full-time during breaks, which will reduce expenses and gain work experience. But it is very important to check the job availability and the location of your institution if you are keen on part-time jobs while studying.  Check: Study in Germany Free
  • Language: Though English may be the medium of instruction for most subjects, others may require proficiency in another tongue as the medium of instruction. Be ready to take IELTS, TOEFL and German Language tests if necessary.
  • Cultural Fit: Before choosing your destination, carefully consider its culture. Check whether you will feel at home living there. What do you need to change to adapt?
  • Safety and Healthcare: Before selecting a country as the location for international students, ensure its environment is secure for their stay. Check crime rates, political stability, social security and healthcare facilities.
  • Immigration Policies and Post-Study Opportunities: Countries have various immigration policies and post-study work opportunities available to international students. Before making your choice, understand their visa requirements and ease of acquiring one, as well as your likelihood of working and possibly becoming a permanent resident after you finish studying there.
    Also Check: Study in UK, Australian Immigration Agency Kerala.


Final Words: From selecting the appropriate university and visa approval to visa preparation support services, Overseas education consultants in Kannur are helpful during your journey to your preferred institution abroad. As most of these study abroad consultants provide overseas study services free of cost, without charging any consultation fee, students benefit from their expertise and knowledge on their journey to study abroad.