Top Study Abroad Consultants in Kollam (Free & Paid)

Top Study Abroad Consultants in Kollam (Free & Paid)

Have You Dreamed of Pursuing Your Education Abroad but Need to Know Where to Begin? This post will help you understand the study abroad formalities and the role of top study abroad consultants in Kollam, Kerala. Whether it be a student exploring international education opportunities or parents searching for guidance for their child’s educational journey, we cover everything here to make informed decisions!


The Importance of Study Abroad Guidance

Are you searching for study-abroad consultants for higher education in a foreign country? You may need more details about what to do to begin the study abroad program, how to apply, get the visa, tuition fees and so on. The solution is to seek out professional guidance from experts in the field of overseas education. Here, you can find the best study abroad consultants in Kollam who will assist you and answer your concerns.


List of Top 7 study abroad Consultants in Kollam

Here are the details of the top 7 study abroad Consultants in Kollam and their addresses. 


Consultant 1: Quilon Educational Consultants Kollam

Quilon Educational Consultants is Kollam’s most popular study Abroad Consultancy that offers an array of services for overseas education. With a user-friendly platform and a large community of several hundred study abroad aspirants, the agency provides study abroad guidance for various courses in many countries abroad. The agency has developed partnerships with highly-rated universities worldwide. Its high-end counseling services cover college and course selection, SOP & LOR guidance, financial aid such as scholarships, and visa guidance. The agency also supports accommodation, travel and post-landing services.
Address:  Quilon Educational Consultants Kollam.Thevally, Kollam  Kerala -691009. India


Consultant 2: Euro Education Consultants

Euro Education Consultants is another prominent overseas education consultant in Kollam for study and immigration services. They begin by assessing the student profile, identifying universities that meet the student’s requirements, assisting with applications, and offering visa assistance. Their knowledgeable overseas education team helps students in every step of the process to ensure they receive the admission that meets their needs.
Address:Euro Education Consultants Bishop Jerome Nagar, Kollam-1,Kerala, India,


Consultant 3: Gradding study abroad consultants in Kollam

“Gradding study abroad consultants” has helped over 1000 students get admission to different universities abroad. They have 100+ partnership agreements with universities and a staggering 91% success rate for study visas. If you are considering popular study-abroad countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, UK or Ireland, “Gradding Study Abroad Consultancy” is an excellent option.


Consultancy 4: Broadways International Pvt Ltd

Broadways International Pvt Ltd is the world’s leading provider of overseas Educational programs with a strong presence in Kollam and other parts of Kerala. Their services include the selection of universities, assistance with applications, SOP guidance, study abroad finance and visa assistance for various countries, including Canada, UK, Australia, USA, and New Zealand.
Address: Vilakkumthara, , Pallithottam Rd, Thamarakulam, Kollam, Kerala 691006


Consultant 5: Amster Immigration Overseas:

Amster Immigration Overseas is one of the top study abroad consultants in Kollam, with many years of experience in overseas education. It provides individual counselling and supports students in visa submission, education loans, embassy interviews, and scholarships.
Address: P.O, Amster Immigration Overseas Pvt Ltd Basheer Building Opposite Tip Top Furniture, Polayathodu, Kollam, Kerala 691021



Consultant 6: Inspire Education Consultancy

Inspire Education Consultant offers a single-stop solution that covers university short listing, assistance with documents, as well as scholarships, loans and visa assistance for countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Sweden, Italy, Finland, and many more. Inspire Education Consultants is one of the top study-abroad agencies in Kollam for overseas educational services and immigration.
Address: Inspire Education Consultants Anjili Rd, nr. Shankers Hospital, Kollam, Kerala 691001



Consultant 7: Kells International Education Consultants

Kells International is a popular name in the study abroad field in Kollam for educational services abroad. Kells International offers study abroad programs in all popular overseas education countries like Canada, UK, Germany, Singapore, Ireland, Netherlands etc. It also provides coaching for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc. Kells International consultancy also assists students in visa documentation, study loans, language preparation and show money arrangement for visa purposes.
Address: Krishnanjali Buildings, Mayyanad, Kollam, Mayyanad, Kerala 691303


These top experts in overseas education in Kollam are committed to providing you with unbeatable opportunities and assistance to realize your desire to study overseas. Spend time to study, read reviews and make a well-informed choice. Whether you receive in-person or virtual service, choosing the right consultant is vital to the success of your international education.


Benefits of Overseas Education


Here are just a few benefits of studying overseas.

Quality Education:
 Many countries offer world-class educational systems with cutting-edge programs and research opportunities that may be available outside your home country.

Career Prospects: International experience can provide numerous career advantages, making you more desirable to employers around the globe.

Personal Development: Living abroad will force you to adapt, become more independent, and gain essential life skills.


Services Provided by Study Abroad Consultants in Kollam


Course Selection: Consultants can assist in selecting the appropriate courses based on your academic background, interests and career goals.


University Selection: They assist with choosing the ideal universities based on your preferences and budget.


Application Assistance: Consultants assist with the application process, from document preparation and submission to adjudication.


Visa Guidance: They offer guidance in visa application, ensuring you fulfil all necessary criteria.


Financial Aid: Education consultants can assist in exploring scholarship opportunities and securing financial assistance for education expenses.


SOP Guidance: Most of the study abroad agencies in Kollam offer free guidance for the statement of purpose(SOP) to students processing through them.


Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right international education consultant is essential. You can select personal consultations in person or look into alternatives for online consultations. Prioritize services that meet your requirements and ensure they are compatible with the consultant of your choice. For more information about the student visa requirements you can contact the educational consultants and also visit the websites of Canada, Germany, UAS , UK Embassy in India etc. 



Q1: Which is the top overseas education consultancy in Kerala?
A1: Determining the top overseas agency in Kerala will depend on your educational requirements and career goals. The most popular choices for Kerala comprise Global Educational and Euro Education Consultants, which have been acknowledged and offer helpful advice on international education.


Q2: Which study abroad consultant is the best in Kollam?
A2: Selecting the right study abroad consultant is based on your needs. Numerous reputable consultants from Kollam, like Quilon Educational Consultants, Euro Education Consultants and Inspire Education Consultancy, have been assisting students for a long time. Researching and contacting them to locate the best fit for your objectives is recommended.


Q3: What is the success rate for the Immigration visa consultants?
A3: The success rate of an immigration visa application may vary depending on several aspects, such as the applicant’s qualifications, the selected country, the immigration point of the applicant and the type of immigrant visa being sought. The success rate of an immigrant visa cannot be 100% guaranteed because it depends on specific circumstances.


Q4: How can I reach consultants for study abroad in Kollam?
A4: You can contact the overseas education consultants in Kollam directly through their websites, or you can contact them directly from this page. Always get the details of their services and fees, if any, before availing their services.


Q5: How much do study abroad consultants charge?
A5: The service charge of study abroad consultants depends on their services. Most of the agencies in Kollam do not charge service fees for providing educational services to the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. Every consultation for study abroad will be charged differently. Most often, study abroad counseling is provided free of cost.


Q6.How do I find study-abroad consultants near me in Kollam?
A6:Instead of searching for study abroad consultants in Kollam, you can call us directly for the details of consultancies that deal with overseas education in your area and your preferred country and course.


Q7. What is the fee of the immigration consultants?
A7: The fee charged by the migration agents varies depending on the country and service. Some immigration agencies charge between 50,000 to 10,000 depending on the category of visa and service country.


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