Best Study Abroad Consultants in Thiruvalla for Overseas Education

Best Study Abroad Consultants in Thiruvalla for Overseas Education

Planning to move abroad for higher studies and searching for the best study abroad consultants in Thiruvalla? Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to gain international exposure and enhanced career opportunities. But applying and enrolling in a foreign university can be overwhelming. That’s why many students turn to overseas education consultants in Thiruvalla who can help them navigate the application process, find appropriate universities, and provide advice on how to make the most of their study abroad experience.


Why Choose Study Abroad Consultants?

Study Abroad Consultants provide invaluable guidance throughout the admission process, from researching potential universities to preparing for visa interviews. With the help of overseas education consultants, students aspiring to study in a foreign country can make informed decisions and have a successful study abroad experience with their assistance.


Top 4 Overseas Education Consultants in Thiruvalla


Edabroad: Edabroad is a leading study-abroad consultancy based in Thiruvalla that provides comprehensive and personalized services to students seeking higher studies in universities abroad. Its team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge about the best universities worldwide that offer quality education and great career opportunities. Edabroad helps you choose the right course, prepare for visa interviews and assist you with all other aspects of your journey abroad. The expertise of Edabroad in foreign education ensures that you get the best guidance for your study abroad process. website:


Geebee World: Geebee World is an educational consultant based in Thiruvalla, that helps students to pursue their studies abroad. With over 5 years of experience in the education sector, Geebee World offers a wide range of services such as visa and immigration assistance, study abroad counseling and guidance, career guidance, and more. Geebee also provides information about the various courses available for study abroad programs. With its comprehensive services and expertise in the field, Geebee World is the ideal partner for students looking to pursue their studies abroad. website:


Axis Overseas: Axis Overseas is another study overseas consultant in Thiruvalla that provides professional and reliable abroad education and immigration services to those seeking to move to Canada. The company’s team of experienced Canada Immigration Consultants in Thiruvalla is dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of starting a new life abroad in your chosen country. Axis understands the complexities of the immigration process and can guide all aspects, from visa applications to finding a job overseas. website:


Studysure:  Studysure is one of the trusted overseas education consultants in Thiruvalla that helps students and professionals to find the best international education opportunities. Studysure group provides comprehensive information about study abroad programs, scholarships, internships, and volunteer opportunities in more than 100 countries worldwide. The company aims to help students in Thiruvalla and nearby areas realize their dreams of studying or working abroad. Its platform lets you easily search for programs that fit your needs and budget. Studysure company also offers personalized advice from experienced advisors in overseas education who can help you make the right decisions when choosing a study program or country.



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Top Countries for Indian students to pursue overseas education

Studying abroad is becoming increasingly popular for Indian students, as the benefits of overseas education for young people are well documented. It also opens up possibilities for internships and work experience abroad that could lead to job offers and international higher study options.

The top study abroad countries for Indian students depend on the student’s career goals and personal preferences; however, some countries are consistently popular choices.

The United Kingdom is popular among Indian students due to short PG programs like 1 year MBA, ample job opportunities, top-ranked universities, and cultural diversity.


Germany: Germany offers some of the lowest tuition fees among seats of higher education abroad; apart from its excellent academic reputation, this makes it yet another viable option when considering budgeting while studying overseas as a student from India – food prices are moderate while housing can range greatly between urban areas like Berlin versus smaller towns. For students looking for FREE EDUCATION or low cost education abroad, Germany is the top option for overseas study.


The USA is an all-time favourite of Indian students offering various courses.The United States is a dream of most students looking for higher education abroad. Universities like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, which offer excellent engineering, business and social sciences programs, are famous worldwide. The US also has one of the largest Indian communities, with students studying in many colleges and universities across the USA.

Canada is known for its friendly immigration policy that attracts many Indian students to this developed country. Australia is getting popular among Indian students for higher education. Germany ranks highly amongst postgraduate options because of its innovations, technological brilliance, and free education system.


Australia: Australia boasts some great research-based universities that provide world-class education at affordable costs making it an attractive choice for many aspiring graduate students from India wanting to pursue their Masters or Doctoral degrees abroad. Admission processes include submission of academic transcripts, evidence that your English proficiency levels are sufficient, and obtaining financial support documents if required by your chosen university course provider/institute having approved student visa types such as 573 Provider Registration Scheme Student Visa Program etc. Check Australia study abroad programs.


New Zealand: New Zealand offers several educational programs that allow students to transition into tertiary studies without further intensive coursework like that at universities in other countries such as Australia. New Zealand also provides options such as family visas that make it easier for Indian nationals to be accepted into any program.

Best Countries for easy Permanent Residency (PR)


Picking one country out of these five is not easy as many factors come into play; therefore, it always helps to assess various options before deciding. It is advisable also to consider factors such as lifestyle, language requirement (i.e., TOEFL/IELTS), economic conditions, and additional aspects that are essential in the long run.


Canada: International graduates have better prospects of obtaining Permanent residency through 3 main immigration pathways 1) Provincial Nominee Program, 2) Canadian Experience Class Visa 3) Federal Express Entry System. It largely depends upon the immigration program selected by a student during the university admission application process.


Germany: As the country faces an acute shortage of skilled employees, including medical professionals like Doctors and Nurses, Germany has relaxed its PR rules for foreign nationals, including Indians, in 2022. As of 2023, Germany is one of the easiest countries for Permanent Residency for skilled workers.


Australia: Australian government has moved from a temporary post-graduate work permit known as 485 to providing permanent residency through the Skilled Migrant Category- Points Test (190) stream under the existing Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA). Using thispathway, foreign skilled worker visa holders can gain Permanent Residency Visa in Australia leading up to citizenship.


United Kingdom: To extend the stay on Post-Study Work (PSW) visa or residence permit after degree completion, a student can switch to the ”Skilled Worker” category. This will depend upon one’sone’s qualifications, ability, and funds for settlement.


United States: Foreign students can apply for a temporary work permit after completing their degree. However, depending on the course of study, in addition to H1B visa sponsorship from employers, a student can also try PERM (Perm labor certification) or the Green card process.


FAQ Related to Overseas Education

1. How do I choose the top agency for my higher education abroad?
When searching for a study abroad Kerala consultant in Kerala, ensure that you verify their credentials, experiences, and testimonials from clients. Choose consultants who are well-versed in studying abroad, have knowledge of SOP and the interview process, etc.  

2. What are the advantages of studying abroad as an Indian student?
By choosing overseas education, Indian students get exposure to different cultures, improved ability to communicate, network with students from different countries, and improve their chances of getting a job everywhere.


3. What are the top destinations for studying abroad for Indian students?
The USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand are traditional choices for Indian students seeking higher education abroad. But in 2023, several students choose countries like Germany and other European countries for higher studies. 


4. How Can I finance my study abroad program in India?
You can fund your study abroad experience in India via grants, scholarships, and education loans. Besides foreign scholarships, many study abroad scholarships are available for Indian students looking for overseas education from India.


5. Which is the best UK study abroad agency in Thiruvalla?
Edabroad is one of the top UK education consultants in Thiruvalla, with many years of experience in UK study abroad programs.