Top 5 Ireland Student Visa Agencies in Kerala

Top 5 Ireland Student Visa Agencies in Kerala

Thinking of studying in Ireland? Ireland might be great! It offers lively cities, unique culture, and great universities. Before you go, learning about the universities, courses, visa rules, and cost of living is important. Let’s examine everything you should know about studying in Ireland! Here, we will provide an overview of Kerala’s top five Ireland student visa agencies in Kerala that focus on Ireland universities and programs. We will explore their services, including Ireland Study visa and post-landing support.

Why Study in Ireland?

Studying in Ireland is a chance to get a top-notch education! Immerse yourself in Irish culture and explore the Emerald Isle’s beauty.

First, international students need to choose a university or college to apply. There are loads of universities with various courses across different subjects. Once accepted, get a student visa and pay tuition fees, which depend on your course and institution.

Studying in Ireland brings a lot of advantages, like being taught by experienced professors, gaining practical experience with internships, and connecting with business pioneers. Plus, you get to discover the culture and history of Ireland – from its traditional music to its buzzing cities and gorgeous landscapes.


Top 5 Ireland Education Consultants in Kerala


Study Abroad Kochi: Study Abroad Kochi is another Ireland study consultants in Kochi that specializes in guiding students who want to study in Ireland. People manage the Ireland desk of the agency with years of experience and offer customized advice and support for education abroad. Their Ireland study support includes assistance with visa applications, SOP, Visa application, and show money support.
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Edugo Abroad:  The Company, a subsidiary of Edugo Abroad, is a top Ireland study abroad agency in Kerala that assists students studying in Ireland. They provide personalized assistance and guidance throughout the application process. They also succeed highly in placing students into top-quality Ireland programs.


Pulse UK International: Pulse UK is an international education consulting firm that connects students to top universities in the UK and Ireland. As the leading Ireland student visa agency in Kerala, they are staffed by skilled counselors who provide individual assistance and guidance while applying. Their Ireland study service includes guidance for Ireland SOP, LOR , Edu Loan, Ireland study visa and  funding  support. Pulse UK is a registered company in the UK with an office in Kochi in Aluva. Pulse UK also provides post landing support and job assistance to their students in UK and Ireland through their UK offices. Pulse UK also provides IELTS/OET coaching at its Aluva center with a hostel facility.
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Go Ireland: Go Ireland is another study consultant in Kochi that has helped hundreds of students realize their goal of studying in Ireland. They provide various services, such as assistance with the application, visa processing, and preparations for departure. More Details  Visit:


Edabroad: Ed Abroad is among the established Ireland Student Visa agencies in Kerala that have dealt with Ireland, UK, and Europe study visa services for many years. They employ professionals with years of experience who offer complete guidance and support in Ireland’s higher education programs.
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Top Universities in Ireland

Ireland is an ideal place to pursue higher education for Indians! It is home to many well-known universities.

Here is a list of Irish universities to consider:

  1. Trinity College Dublin
  2. University College Dublin
  3. National University of Ireland, Galway
  4. Maynooth University
  5. University of Limerick
  6. Dublin City University
  7. Technological University Dublin
  8. Waterford Institute of Technology
  9. Cork Institute of Technology
  10. Institute of Technology Carlow

These universities offer lots of support for international students, including accommodation, visas, and cost assistance. They make it simpler for pupils to fulfill their study aspirations in Ireland.


Overview of Courses Available

Ireland is a top spot for international students – offering great universities and various courses. Here’s an overview: Business & Management Science & Technology Arts & Humanities Health Sciences Languages & Culture

Courses range from undergrad to grad level, covering topics like marketing, finance & entrepreneurship. Ireland has a solid rep in engineering, computer science & biotechnology.          Courses cover literature, history, philosophy & the performing arts – all inspired by the country’s cultural heritage, with highly-regarded medical schools and courses in nursing, midwifery & public health.      Irish & English languages and courses in Irish culture & English as a second language are taught.

Tip: Research the universities & their methods to find the best fit for you.

Student Visa Requirements for Ireland

Student visa requirements for Indian students depend on the length of the program and if you plan to work. The main types of visas are:


Visa Type

C Study Visa        For programs less than 3 months

D Study Visa       For full-time courses longer than 3 months

You must apply for your visa before your travel date, as processing takes a few weeks. You’ll also need proof of acceptance into an Irish educational institution, financial means to support your stay, medical insurance, and a police clearance certificate.


Cost of Studying in Ireland

Studying in Ireland is a great choice! It offers amazing academic chances for international students. Prices vary according to course, degree, and university. Usually tuition fees vary from €10,000 to €25,000 yearly for tuition fees. Also, living costs like accommodation, food, travel, and health insurance contribute to the total cost. Accommodation can cost €300-€800 monthly, depending on the city. Financial capability must be proven to cover living expenses during the studies – between Rs 8 to 20 Lakh.


Studying in Ireland: Average Cost in INR

UG Programs: (INR 8 L- 20L)
PG Programs: (INR 8,00,000- 21,00,000)/Year

Student Visa for Indians:  INR 4100


Scholarships and grants

Scholarships and grants are available to reduce the financial burden. Hence, studying in Ireland can be affordable yet rewarding for international students who seek higher education!

Ireland Student Visa Agency in Kerala

Benefits of Studying in Ireland

Irish universities and colleges are famous for providing high-quality education with courses and programs that are recognized internationally.

Secondly, Ireland being an English-speaking country, students need not worry about learning another language to study in Ireland.

Thirdly, the amount required to study and live in Ireland is reasonable compared to other popular study-abroad destinations.

Fourthly, the Irish people are friendly and the social life is vibrant – making it a great place to live and learn.

Lastly, studying in Ireland can give you an edge in the job market and a unique international outlook.


Scholarships for Studying in Ireland

Studying in Ireland can be pricey, but scholarships are available to help. Here are some of them:

  • Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships are for non-EU/EEA countries. They cover one full year of tuition.
  • Trinity Business School Scholarships: Amounts range from €5,000 to €25,000. You’ll need academic excellence and leadership potential.
  • Irish Aid Fellowship Training Programme: For students from certain developing countries. This covers course fees, airfare, and living expenses.
  • University College Dublin (UCD) Global Scholarship Programme: From €5,000 to €10,000. For high-achieving international students.

To increase your chances, do research and apply early.


Tips for Finding the Right University in Ireland

Finding the perfect university in Ireland depends on many things. Such as courses, reputability, location, and living costs. Here are some recommendations for choosing the best university for you:

  1. Research the courses and make sure they fit your career ambitions.
  2. Check international rankings and the reputability of the university.
  3. See how accessible the university is. Think about public transport, housing, and the atmosphere.
  4. Look into the living expenses – housing, food, and social activities.
  5. Apply for an Irish study visa

By researching and considering these things, you’ll find the right university in Ireland to help you succeed.


Ireland Study Visa- FAQ


  • What are some of the top universities in Ireland?Top education institutions?
    in Ireland include Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, etc.
  • What courses are popular in Irish universities?
    Popular Courses are business, engineering, computer science, medicine etc.
  • Do students need a visa to study in Ireland?
    Students from countries outside the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland may require a visa to study in Ireland. Check Ireland Embassy website in India for  information about Ireland Student visa requirements for Indian students.
  • How much does Ireland’s education cost?
    The cost of education in Ireland varies depending on the institution and many other factors. However average cost is between 8 to 20 Lakh for UG and 8 to 21 Lakh for PG programs.
  • What are the scholarships available for higher education in Ireland?
    Several scholarships are available for international students in Ireland, such as the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship and the Irish Aid IDEAS Scholarship.
  •  Is finding accommodation as an international student in Ireland easy?
    Accommodation in Ireland can be in high demand, especially in popular student cities like Dublin and Galway. However, most universities offer housing services to help international students find suitable accommon as per their requirements.
  • What is the best Ireland Consultancy in Kerala for Student Visa?Pulse International is one of the leading Ireland Student Visa agencies in Kerala. It offers Ireland study visas and post-landing support in Ireland UK, like accommodation arrangements, transportation, and part-time jobs through its UK office.

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