Top 4 Overseas Education Consultants in Kattappana  Idukki

Top 4 Overseas Education Consultants in Kattappana  Idukki

Are you a student looking for the best countries to pursue higher studies?
Explore the best places to study abroad and the process involved in this article. Get ready to discover all that studying abroad has to offer! Start your journey now with all the necessary information and details about the top overseas education consultants in Kattappana.



List of Best Study Abroad Consultants in Kattappana

Below is the list of the top 4 overseas education consultants in Kattappan in popularity. You may cross-check the information before availing of their services.


1.Immigrant Academy: Immigrant Academy is one of the leading study abroad consultancies in Kattappana. A renowned name in overseas education counseling and admission-related services, Immigrant Academy provides free counseling and career guidance for overseas education. They have tie-ups with some of the best universities in UK and Europe, thus providing excellent placement opportunities for students. The company deals with USA, UK, Canada, and Europe study visa-related services.
Immigrant Academy website:


2.Studysure Group: Studysure is a popular study abroad consultant in Kattappana, dealing with UK PG programs and Canada study visas. Studysure provides end-to-end services for students seeking higher education opportunities in most countries. Their services include student counseling, assistance with university selection, admission support, visa guidance, and test preparation. Studysure website:


3. Go Germany: Go Germany is one of the top overseas education consultants in Kattappana for Germany and other European study programs. Go Germany offers free counseling and assistance in selecting the best universities in Germany for students. Go Germany also prepares students to adapt and overcome cultural differences in Germany by providing pre-departure briefing and other support. Go Germany also provides German language training for students preparing for MS /PG in Germany and MDS and Ausbildung programs in Germany. Go Germany also offers job assistance for fresh and experienced B Tech/BCA and Hotel Management graduate in Germany.
Go Germany website:


4. Edabroad: Edabroad is a leading abroad education consultancy in Kattappana that offers comprehensive study abroad services, including university selection, application assistance, visa documentation, financial aid, and IELTS/German language coaching. Edabroad also offers admission assistance for Germany PG admission assistance to public universities that offer free education to international students. It also offers many free vocational training programs with stipends in Germany for students after the 12th. Edabroad website:


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What are the Best Countries for Higher Studies for Indians?

Studying abroad in India is becoming increasingly popular amongst students from prestigious universities looking for international exposure and those looking for an alternative to traditional domestic education. According to data released by the Ministry of Education Govt of India around 8 Lakh Indian students chose higher studies education abroad in 2022. The higher number of overseas education aspirants shows that education abroad has become much easier now, as many options are available for Indian students seeking to study in foreign countries.

A clear understanding of the process of studying abroad from India— including visa requirements, admissions procedures, and language proficiency tests— can make the transition much smoother.


Popular Destinations of Students

Some countries most students choose for higher studies abroad include Canada, Australia, New Zealand; the UK ,Germany,  France, Sweden, the USA etc. Each nation offers its own unique benefits depending on what you’re seeking out of your study experience. This guide explores all that each country provides and can help you decide where you would like to study abroad, as well as providing information on the process involved in foreign education from India.



Educational institutions in Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Germany and the United Kingdom are usually the top choices for Indian students seeking higher studies abroad. Indian students should research each country carefully as requirements may differ depending on factors such as language proficiency/test scores, type/level of the program they intend on pursuing, duration etc., while also taking into consideration processing fees for applications or visa permits that may be necessary to complete their studies away from home.


Average Cost of Foreign Education
For UK Programs
  • UG Programs: Rs. 13,00,000 – 25,00,000
  • PG Programs: Rs. 11,00,000 – 22,50,000
For USA Programs
  • UG Programs: Rs. 16,50,000 – 25,00,000
  • PG Programs: Rs. 19,50,000 – 45,00,000
For Australia Programs
  • UG Programs: : Rs. 13,00,000 – 21,00,000
  • PG Programs: Rs. 14,00,000 – 24,50,000
For Canada Programs
  • UG Programs: Rs. 10,50,000 – 23,00,000
  • PG Programs: Rs. 7,50,000 – 22,00,000
For Germany Programs

Public UniversitiesFree – No Tuition Fee
Only Semester Fee from EUR 150 to 350 EUR applicable


Geman Private Universities: 

  • UG Programs: Rs. 9,50,000 – 21,00,000
  • PG Programs: Rs. 8,50,000 – 28,00,000

Overseas Education -FAQ

1.Will the study abroad consultancies assist me to complete the application form?
Yes. As the study abroad consultants are familiar with the application forms and requirements, they will help you complete them correctly.


2. Which is the best agency in Kerala for German study abroad program?
Go Germany is the top German study abroad consultant in Kerala. With an office in Germany, they have several study programs for Germany, like PG/MS, and several Ausbildung programs for 12th-passed students.


3.Is it possible to study abroad without the help of a consultant?
Yes, you can apply directly to any university or college without the help of any consultant agent.


4.What is the cheapest country to study abroad in?
In terms of free education, Germany and Italy are the two countries that offer free education ( no tuition fee) to international students.


5.What are the visa requirements for Indian students for overseas education?
Although the requirements for Indian students for overseas education differ according to the country and university, generally, Indian students must apply for a study visa and satisfy requirements like academic qualification, funds, and English language proficiency.


Choosing the correct country for higher education abroad can often be difficult for Indian students. We hope this article about the top study abroad consultants in Kattappana will help you find the best consultant to plan your overseas education. Studying abroad for Indians involves careful planning and research about the courses offered by various countries. It also includes filling out application forms once the desired education destination has been selected, submitting critical documents such as academic transcripts and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) if required by a particular university, obtaining an educational loan if necessary and arranging visas before travel regardless of duration chosen to study abroad in India.

This process must be addressed since it is essential to provide all documents to the concerned authority without fail to ensure that applications are successful. Ensuring that all other considerations have been taken into account is crucial to embark on an enjoyable study experience in Europe, UK, Canada and Australia etc.