Top MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala Kochi

Top MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala Kochi

Are you looking for the top MBBS abroad consultants in Kerala for medical education abroad? Studying MBBS abroad has become popular for Kerala students who want to become doctors. The intense competition to get a seat in the country’s Government medical colleges and the cost of studying MBBS in private institutions make medical aspirants think about medical education abroad. Studying abroad is sometimes a more affordable option and offers more opportunities for admission to high-quality programs.




1.Edabroad Kochi

Edabroad Education Services is a well-established study MBBS abroad consultant based in Kochi with a wide range of experience in the abroad medical education. They have assisted numerous students in securing admission to some of the best medical schools abroad, providing end-to-end assistance from admission to post-arrival services. They provide MBBS abroad admission in Uzbekistan, Poland, Bosnia, Moldova, Georgia, Latvia, Hungary etc. Website:


2. Go Germany Education Consultants
Go Germany Education Consultants boasts of a strong presence in the European education consultancy arena, assisting students in securing admission to various medical universities abroad. They offer counseling, documentation, admission assistance, visa processing, and pre-departure services. Go Germany provides MBBS admission in Germany, Poland, Moldova and other European countries. Website:


3. Third wave Education Consultants
Third wave Education Consultants is a leading name in the study MBBS abroad consultancy in Kerala, providing complete guidance and assistance to students aspiring to study medicine abroad. They have a team of experts who provide personalized guidance, address all queries, and help students choose the right university based on their preferences. Website:


4. Eduflair Learning Solutions
Eduflair Learning Solutions is a one-stop solution for students aspiring to study Medicine abroad. They assist students in identifying the right college and course, application and documentation processing, visa application, and pre-departure formalities. The team at Eduflair Learning Solutions comprises experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge of overseas medical education options. They offer personalized guidance, career counseling, documentation processing, visa formalities, and other value-added services.



5. Sheetu Overseas:
Sheetu Overseas is a leading study MBBS abroad consultant based in Kerala, guiding students to choose the best universities for medical education abroad. They provide comprehensive services such as university selection, assistance for application and visa processing.   This study MBBS abroad agency in Kerala provides services for medical education abroad like MBBS and MD and other services related to medical education.



6.Universal Educational Consultants:
Universal Educational Consultants is a well-renowned study MBBS abroad consultant in Kerala, providing quality services to students aspiring to study medicine overseas. They offer assistance in university selection, application processing, visa formalities, and pre-departure services, making the entire process hassle-free for students. Website:


7.Elysium Education Consultancy:

Elysium Education Consultancy is a leading study MBBS abroad consultant in Kerala, catering to students needs, aspiring to study abroad. They offer services such as university selection, application processing, visa assistance, and pre-departure guidance, and support students throughout their academic journey. Website:

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8. Education Matters:

Education Matters is a popular study MBBS abroad consultant providing quality services to students in Kerala. They provide end-to-end assistance beginning from university selection, application processing, visa assistance, and pre-departure services, helping students make informed decisions based on their career aspirations. Website:


9. Proline Education:

Proline Education is a trusted study MBBS abroad consultant in Kerala, assisting students in securing admission to some of the best medical universities globally. They offer personalized guidance, career counseling, documentation processing, visa formalities, and other value-added services. Website:


Studysure Group is a highly recommended study MBBS abroad consultant in Kochi Kerala, providing quality services to students aspiring to pursue medical education overseas. They offer comprehensive services from university selection, application processing, visa assistance, pre-departure guidance, and post-arrival support. Studysure provides MBBS admission in Russia, Uzbekistan, Poland, Bosnia, Georgia etc.

Website:   Website:

Role of Consultants for MBBS Abroad Studies 

The Medical Education consultants in Kerala are crucial in guiding and assisting students who wish to pursue MBBS studies abroad. Major role of the education consultants are:

mbbs abroad consultants in kerala

1.Counseling and Guidance: Most consultancies dealing with overseas education provide information about the requirements, eligibility, fees, and course curriculum of various universities abroad.

2.Course and University Selection: Education consultants are well-informed about the options available to students who wish to study MBBS abroad.

3. Admission Assistance: Education consultants help students prepare for the admission process and assist them with filling out the application forms, obtaining a visa, and completing other formalities. The consultants can assist students in the admission process by providing information on application forms, deadlines, recommendation letters, and required documents. They can also help students with the submission of their application packages.

4.Financial Aid: Education consultants also help students secure scholarships, financial aid, and other assistance to reduce the financial burden of studying MBBS abroad.

5. Post-Admission Services: Overseas education consultants in Kochi also offer post-admission services to help students settle into their new environment. They provide students with information about accommodation, medical facilities, and other aspects of living in a foreign country.

6. Visa and Documentation Assistance: Study MBBS Abroad consultants guide to visa and documentation requirements for different countries where students plan to study. They can assist with visa applications, visa interviews, and other necessary documentation for the visa process.

7. Pre-Departure Assistance: These consultants can help students with pre-departure formalities like medical check-ups, currency exchange, travel arrangements, and accommodation.

8. Post-Arrival Assistance: Study MBBS Abroad consultants provide airport pickup, accommodation, and orientation programs to help students settle in a new country. Overall MBBS abroad consultants in Kerala are vital in facilitating the process of pursuing MBBS studies abroad.

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Top Study MBBS Abroad Countries for Indian Students


  • Russia – Russia has been a top MBBS destination for Kerala students for many years, mainly due to the quality of education at lower costs.
  • China –China has been attracting Indian medical students mainly due to the low fee structure and easy admission criteria. But China is not a preferred destination for Indian students from 2022 onwards due to the strained India-China relations.
  • Ukraine – Ukraine offers high-quality education, lower tuition fees, and a comfortable living environment, making it an ideal overseas destination for Indian students. Ukraine MBBS program is one of the favorite medicine programs among Kerala students. Read NMC guidelines for Ukraine before taking admission to Ukraine MBBS Programs.
  • Philippines –The Philippines is another popular destination for Indian students to study MBBS abroad. Its medical colleges offer English language instruction and a lower cost of living.
  • Kyrgyzstan– Kyrgyzstan offers affordable tuition fees, quality education, and a peaceful living environment, making it the top MBBS destination for the MBBS program.
  • Georgia –Georgia offers high-quality education, low tuition fees, and a stable political environment, which makes it an ideal destination for Indian students to study MBBS abroad.
  • Nepal –Nepal has become a popular choice among Indian students to study MBBS abroad due to its proximity to India and lower tuition fees.Belarus –Belarus offers quality education, affordable tuition fees, and a peaceful living environment, which makes it one of the cheap countries for medical study.
  • Kazakhstan –Kazakhstan is listed among the cheap destination to study MBBS abroad and have a comfortable living environment.
  • UK –The UK is a dream destination for Indian students to pursue their MBBS degree due to its world-class education system and research and career growth opportunities. However, the high tuition fees and competition make it difficult to gain admission.
Why do Indian Students opt for medical educaton s abroad?

There are several reasons why Indian students opt for MBBS study abroad, including:

  1. Limited seats: In India, there is intense competition for MBBS seats in government and private medical colleges, and seats are also very limited. The fee of private medical colleges is much higher than those of universities abroad for MBBS studies.
  2. High costs in India: Even if students manage to obtain a seat in a private medical college in India, the total costs, including the tuition fee, accommodation, and living expenses, can be high as 1.50 crore.
  3. Global exposure: Students who study MBBS abroad receive exposure to diverse cultures, languages, and medical practices, which provides them with a unique perspective on medicine and healthcare.
  4. Quality education: Many universities and medical schools abroad are renowned for their high-quality education and advanced curriculum, giving students access to the latest medical technologies and knowledge.
  5. Cultural exchange: Studying abroad also allows Indian students to broaden their horizons and develop an understanding of different cultures, practices, and beliefs.
  6. Better career opportunities: Graduating from a reputed foreign university can open up more opportunities for further studies, research, or employment in the global medical industry.


Things to remember while planning to study MBBS in other countries

  •  Accreditation and Recognition: The first thing you need to check before planning to study MBBS abroad is whether the university you plan to enroll in is accredited by the National Medical Commission (NMC India), WHO, or any other global accreditation agency.
  • Language barriers: One of the most critical factors you must remember when planning to study MBBS abroad is the language barrier.  It is better not to choose the universities offer courses in languages other than English, as you may face difficulties in getting NMC approval for exit exam after studies.
  •  Education Cost: Before finalizing a medical university, consider the overall cost of education, accommodation, and other expenses. Ensure that the university fees remain within your budget.
  • Check university facilities: Remember to assess the university facilities, like the quality of accommodation, food, library, and practical training offered at the institute.
  • Quality of Education: Before you decide, do thorough research about the university’s track record of academic excellence and the kinds of opportunities the overseas university offers.
  • Internship Opportunities: While studying MBBS abroad, most universities require students to undergo an internship program. Remember to check how the university provides this internship program to foreign students.
  •  Visa Requirements: Check the visa requirements before you apply to a university, and remember to apply for a student visa for an international course.
  • Health Insurance: Before going abroad for studies, ensure that you have comprehensive health insurance that covers medical emergencies, travel, and hospital expenses.
  • Consult with Experts: Consult educational consultants for the best possible guidance and support for MBBS abroad options.

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General requirements for Indian students to study MBBS overseas

The general requirements for Indian students to study MBBS abroad are as follows:


  1. Eligibility Criteria: Indian candidates should have passed the higher secondary examination (12th) with the science stream from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  2. Age Limit: The applicant should be at least 17 before 31st December of the admission year.
  3. NEET Qualification: Candidates must clear the NEET examination. Indian candidates must pass the NEET examination to get admission to any Indian or foreign medical college.
  4. Language Proficiency: If the MBBS course is offered in local languages, Indian candidates must be proficient in the language of the country where they wish to study. For example, completing the MBBS course in China will be challenging without learning the Chinese language.
  5. Good Academic Record: Candidates should have a good academic record in their previous qualifying examinations.
  6. Valid Passport: Candidates must have a valid passport to apply for a visa.
  7. Admission Process: The admission process for MBBS abroad differs for different countries. Candidates must go through the admission process for the specific country they wish to apply to.

1.What are the reasons for contacting MBBS Abroad Consultants in Kerala?
There are numerous reasons to choose consultants for studying MBBS abroad from Kerala. If an expert in medical education abroad does not guide you, you might become confused. So, it is better to seek the guidance of experts to help you plan your MBBS studies overseas.


2. What are the services offered by the MBBS abroad consultants?
MBBS Abroad consultants in Kerala provide various services for students interested in pursuing medical education abroad. These include accommodations, visa assistance, and transporting students to their university.

3. Is using the services of consultants for medical education abroad safe?
Yes, It is safe to avail of the services of MBBS abroad consultants as long as the consultant is trustworthy and reliable. It is essential to check the credentials of the universities they recommend and ensure they have been accredited and recognized by the NMC India and WHO.

4.What are the benefits of availing the services of an MBBS abroad consultant?
Availing of the services of MBBS abroad agencies have many advantages, including access to a broader range of programs and universities, personal guidance and assistance during the admissions process, and assistance with visas and requirements for immigration. Consultants can also assist students with cultural differences and adapt to a new country.

5. How much do study MBBS abroad consultants charge?
The service charge of MBBS Abroad consultants in Kerala can vary depending on the agency and the university abroad. Normally the MBBS consultants in Kerala charge between INR 50000 to 1.5 Lac depending on the agency and university. You can check the service charge of multiple agencies before making a final decision.

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