Study in Europe Education Consultants in Kerala Kochi

Study in Europe Education Consultants in Kerala Kochi

Are you looking for higher education in Europe but need help determining which country to go to? Don’t look any further. The top study in Europe education consultants in Kerala can provide all the details, like the best countries to pursue studies within Europe, along with the requirements and other information. Europe education consultants can guide students from free educational opportunities in Germany to the most popular courses available in France, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, and Malta. First, let’s look at why studying in Europe is an excellent alternative in the eyes of Indian students.

Reasons for studying in Europe

The study in Europe gives students a chance to global exposure, study with top faculty, and connect with people with diverse backgrounds. In addition, many European countries offer low-cost or even free tuition and making it an affordable choice for students from all sections of the society. The study in Europe offers Indian students the chance to develop an international perspective and gain access to the most sophisticated research facilities and teaching methods.

Top 5 Study in Europe Education Consultants in Kerala 

Go Germany: Go Germany Education Consultancy is a comprehensive website dedicated to helping people explore education and job opportunities in Germany. It provides detailed information on the country’s educational opportunities, free education in public universities, Study MDS in Germany after completing BDS in India, and Ausbildung courses in Germany for Indian students after completing 12th from India. If you plan to study in Europe from India, Go Germany is the best agency in Kerala for Europe education.
Go Germany Website:


Studysure: Studysure offers students a comprehensive range of educational programs in India and abroad to help them achieve their academic goals. It provides overseas education guidance to various European countries, especially Germany, Italy, Moldova, Malta, etc. Studysure is one of top Europe study abroad consultants in Kerala for MBBS programs in Europe. Studysure Website:


Edabroad: Edabroad Kochi is another top Europe education consultant in Kerala for various Europe study abroad programs. Edabroad provides study abroad consultancy services for  students looking to study abroad in European countries like Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Malta, Norway, etc. It provides comprehensive information about universities, courses, scholarships, visa requirements, etc.
Ed Abroad Website:

Pulse UK International:
 Pulse UK agency Kochi focuses on the UK, and Europe study abroad programs from Kerala. Pulse UK International covers everything from admission, visa guidance, and SOP assistance, and it is your go-to source for everything related to study abroad programs. Whether you’re a school student looking for undergraduate studies or a graduate looking for higher studies, Pulse UK International has something for every student.
Pulse UK Website:


Eduflair: Eduflair Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Study in Europe consultancies in Kerala, providing students with a wide range of educational programs in Europe. It offers nursing courses in Germany, Masters in Germany, Malta, France, etc. The company also provides study MBBS programs in European countries, especially Poland, Moldova, and Italy. Eduflair learning solutions also provides online and classroom coaching for German, IELTS, and OET.
Eduflair Website:


Top Countries in Europe for Overseas Education


Germany : The most popular courses for students in Germany include engineering, medicine, and business. To be eligible to study at universities in Germany, are proficient in the German language. However, some institutions offer courses in English.

To study in Germany, Indian students must possess an approved student visa, APS Certificate and proof of financial capability to provide for themselves and meet standards for language proficiency in German or English according to the medium of instruction of the chosen courses. An IELTS score of a minimum of 5.5 is mandatory for English-taught programs, whereas German-taught programs usually require a B2-level certificate in the German language.


France: France boasts a rich tradition of academic excellence. The country provides various programs in business, engineering, and fashion. Several institutions offer programs in English. Popular courses in France include engineering, management, hospitality, and fashion.


Finland: Finland is a top country for Indian students seeking to further their education. The country offers courses in business, engineering, and science. The requirements for studying within Finland are proficiency in the English language, though certain courses might require proficiency in the Finnish language. In addition, certain universities could have students demonstrate academic excellence or provide additional evidence like a letter of recommendation or research proposal. The most popular courses in Finland include Engineering, technology design, and social sciences.

Switzerland :
Switzerland is renowned for its stunning scenery and high standard of living, and top-quality education system. Switzerland is also recognized for its scientific research and innovations in finance, like the banking system and pharmaceuticals.

There are courses offered in areas like engineering, business, and hospitality. It is important to note that the requirements for studying in Switzerland differ depending on the course and university. Switzerland has been especially well-known as a leader in research and development in finance and pharmaceuticals. To be able to study at a university in Switzerland, Indian students must possess valid student visas and proof of financial resources and be able to meet prerequisites for language proficiency in German, French, Italian, or English.


Poland: Poland is a low-cost destination for Indian students pursuing higher training in Europe. Poland provides courses in areas like Health science, engineering, and business. For students to be able to study in Poland are proficient in the English language. However, certain classes may require the Polish language.

Is IELTS required for studying for a degree in European countries?

The requirements for studying in European countries differ based on the country you are looking in and the program or university that you’re applying for.

English is widely used and spoken across many European countries. Many universities offer classes in English, especially for graduate degrees. Some universities require students from abroad to pass the English proficiency test, such as IELTS OR TOEFL or Cambridge English exams, to prove their proficiency in the English language.

Certain countries in Europe require applicants to prove their proficiency in their language and English. For instance, in France, some universities require students from abroad to prove their French language skills in French. In Germany, some universities need to be proficient in German to join courses in German.

It is important to study the requirements for a language in the particular university and country you’re interested in and any language tests or certificates that might be required.


Prospects for employment for Indian students studying in Europe

The prospects for employment for Indian students studying in Europe after their studies may differ according to a variety of factors, like the country in which they studied the field they studied, as well as their levels of education and experiences. Most European countries generally provide favorable conditions for students from abroad to work and build their careers after their studies.

Germany: Lot of career opportunities in IT, Engineering and Medical sectors.

France: France has a multifaceted economy and is famous for its style, luxurious items, and tourism industry.


Study in Europe Consultants in Kerala

Norway: Norway is known for its gas and oil industry and its knowledge of green energy and environmental technology. Students from Norwegian international universities are eligible to apply for a one-year job search visa. If they get a job offer corresponding to their study area, they may qualify for an employment permit and, eventually, a permanent residence permit.

Switzerland: Switzerland is known for its high standards of living and robust economy, centered on industries that include pharmaceuticals, finance, and hospitality. The eligibility requirements to study in Switzerland varies depending on the course and university. Switzerland is popular for finance, hospitality, and pharmaceuticals. The general requirements for studying in Switzerland are a valid study visa, language test scores, and proof of funds.


Top universities in Europe for international Students

Here are a few of the most prestigious schools in Europe for students from abroad:

  • ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Sorbonne University, France
  • University of Helsinki, Finland
  • University of Bergen, Norway
  • Jagiellonian University, Poland
  • Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • University of Barcelona, Spain 
How Can Study in Europe Education Consultants in Kerala Kochi Help you?

Study in Europe Education Consultants in Kerala can provide valuable guidance and support to students who wish to pursue higher education in Europe. They can help students choose the right Course and University in Europe, assist in the Admission process, guide Visas, provide Scholarship information, Pre-departure guidance, and Cultural adaptation and loan assistance.

Overall, Study in Europe Education Consultants in Kerala can help students make informed decisions about their higher education in Europe and provide the necessary support to complete the admission process.


 Study in Europe from India– FAQ


1. Why should I consider studying in Europe?
Europe is home to some of the world’s oldest and most famous institutions of higher learning. Studying in Europe will give you access to a diverse range of cultures, languages, and environments and a chance to settle in Europe after getting a job offer.


2. How do I apply to study in Europe from India?
The application process varies depending on the country and university you wish to apply. Most universities require an English language proficiency test, such as IELTS or TOEFL.


3. How much will it cost to study in Europe?
The cost of studying in Europe varies depending on the country, institution, and program of study. Average tuition fees for one year range from €1,000 to €150,00.. However, some countries like Germany and Norway provide free education to international students.


4. Can I work while studying in Europe?
Yes, most countries in Europe allow international students to work part-time during their studies.


5. What are the requirements for getting Europe study visa?
The application process for Europe student visas may require providing documents such as an offer letter, proof of funds, accommodation, etc.

 6. What are the language requirements to study in Europe?

It depends on the program and university. Many universities in Europe offer programs in the English language. Most universities need English proficiency certificate like IELTS or TOEFL, for students from non English speaking countries.


7.Can I study and stay in Europe after study?
International students who graduate from European universities can apply for a post-study work visa in some countries. The regulations vary by country. Researching the requirements and options for staying on after graduation is important.

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