Best Study Abroad Consultants in Calicut District

Best Study Abroad Consultants in Calicut District

Study Abroad Consultants in Calicut offer various services for Indian students seeking higher education in other countries. The overseas education consultancies provide guidance and help with various aspects of the procedure, including choosing an appropriate destination, choosing the right program, submitting visa applications, and finding scholarships.

Why & Where to Study Abroad?

The study abroad experience provides Indian students with a unique chance to learn about different cultures, be exposed to other nations, and build professional and interpersonal abilities that are highly sought-after in the global job market. Most Indian students choose the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for higher studies. But in 2023, the countries like Germany, Norway, Finland, etc., becoming more popular due to the low or no tuition fee system of education.


Top 9 Study Abroad Consultants in Calicut 

Several well-known and reputable consultants for abroad education in Calicut provide top-quality services to students pursuing studies abroad. A few of the well-known abroad study consultancies in Calicut include:


Eduflair Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd: Eduflair is a renowned study abroad consultant in Calicut with more than 3 years of experience in overseas education. The company provides personalized services for students planning to study abroad, such as guidance in selecting the right university, courses, and visa applications. Eduflair also provides German and English language coaching at its Calicut office. The company provides study abroad services for the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and other European countries.
Address:  R.P.Mall, Mavoor Rd, Opposite Moffusil Bus Stand, Kozhikode.


Manjoorans Group: Manjoorans Group is another popular study abroad agency in Calicut operating for over a decade. They offer various services, such as admissions guidance, test preparation, and visa assistance. The company offers admission assistance and visa services for Canada, the UK, Australia, and European countries. Address: Opposite Mavoor Rd. Kozhikode.Pin673016.


Edroots International: Edroots is a well-known overseas education consultant in Calicut that offers various student services, including assistance with admissions processing visas, visa applications, and exam preparation. Edroot Calicut offers consultancy for overseas education services and visa assistance.
Address: Puthiyara, Kozhikode-673004 Website:


Study World Education: Study World Education is an educational consultant for study abroad located in Calicut, operating for over 10 years. The company offers various services, including course advice, university selection, and visa application. Students must conduct extensive research before choosing an expert in studying abroad who fits their budget and needs well.
Address:  YMCA Cross Rd, Kozhikode- 673001


Santa Monica Study Abroad: Santa Monica is a long-standing consulting firm in Calicut that provides individualized services for students who want to pursue studies abroad. They assist in choosing a course application to universities, processing visas, and assisting before departure. Santa Monica offers admission assistance for more than 200 universities abroad for various courses.
Address: Mavoor Road, Kozhikode- 673001.


Studysure:  Studysure Education Consultant is a popular consultant for studying abroad in Calicut, which offers a wide range of assistance to students, such as guidance for students in their careers, preparation for tests, admission guidance, and assistance with visas. Studysure is a leading study abroad consultant in Kozhikode with an extensive network of offices nationwide. The company offers a range of assistance to students, including advice on choosing a course, career counseling, and assistance with visas.
Address: JafferKhan Colony Road,Mavoor Rd. Kozhikode-673016.


Campus Overseas: Campus Overseas is a Calicut-based study abroad consultant offering a wide array of services to students, such as counseling, admissions advice, and visa assistance—pre-departure orientation. Campus overseas agency also provides IELTS and OET coaching at its Kozhikode center.
Address:Cherooty Rd, Kozhikode. Website:


Algate International: Algate International is a well-known consultant for abroad education with an office in Calicut. They provide students various services, such as counseling and course selection applications, to universities processing visas and exam preparation. Address: Business Park, Kozhikode-673014


AIM Britz: AIM Britz is a leading overseas education consultant in Calicut, operating and working in the field for many years. They offer various services like career counseling courses, selection of courses, university application assistance with visas, and exam preparation. Aimbritz also provides study abroad fund support and guidance for SOP. Address: Annas Arcade, Mavoor Road, Kozhikode.

Note: We recommend you to conduct a thorough search and select an expert studying abroad compatible with your requirements and personal preferences.


Study Abroad Consultants in Calicut

Things to consider before taking admission abroad

Indian students must consider numerous important factors like the country, the school’s reputation, job prospects, stay-back alternatives, etc. When choosing the best study-abroad destination, students need to consider the facts like cultural and language barriers, living costs, job opportunities following graduation, and the availability of scholarships, etc.

Role of Overseas Education Consultants in Calicut

Calicut is home to some highly regarded overseas educational consultants who offer various services for Indian students. They offer information and assistance on studying abroad, such as visa applications, course selection, and scholarships.


How do you find the right consultant for studying abroad?

To ensure a smooth and satisfying experience abroad, Indian students must find an experienced and reliable consultant. When choosing the right consultant, the factors to consider include experiences, quality of services, and previous feedback from clients.


Challenges Faced by Indian Students When Studying Abroad:

While studying overseas, Indian students may encounter numerous difficulties, such as language and cultural differences, homesickness, and budgetary restrictions.


Tips for a successful overseas education:

To make sure of an enjoyable experience abroad, Indian students can take various practical steps. This includes studying the local language, connecting with professionals and peers, effectively managing their time, and seeking help.


Success Stories: 

Indian students who have studied overseas have experienced amazing success in various disciplines, particularly medicine, business, and engineering. Their stories and experiences can encourage other Indian students to follow their studies abroad goals.

Best Countries for Indian students who want to study abroad

The top places to study for Indian students are many countries offering exceptional study abroad opportunities. 

Every country has its advantages as well as drawbacks.Canada is well-known for its school system, which is accessible, and its warm welcome to international students. Australia is a prosperous country and provides excellent post-study job alternatives, and Germany is renowned for its excellent education and affordable or no tuition fee. 


Countries for Free Education

People with limited resources can explore the countries like Germany, Finland, and Norway offer excellent education systems and free English-taught programs. To study in Europe, Students can prove their English proficiency through IELTS scores and other ways to get admission. Making sure to research the requirements for language for the course and the place you’d like to go to is essential.


Countries that give jobs and easy PR for Indian students

Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are popular destinations for Indian students who want a simple route toward permanent residency and work opportunities. In Canada, the Express Entry system offers a rapid path to permanent residency for skilled workers. In contrast, the points-based system in Australia favors those who have skills that are in high demand. New Zealand also offers a points-based system, prioritizing graduates from industries experiencing shortages. These countries attract students looking to move overseas due to their strong economies and excellent living conditions.


Countries that allow students with no IELTS

Many countries offer English-taught courses without requiring students to take the IELTS test. Knowing the requirements for the language required by the course and the destination is crucial.


UK: A degree at a university in the UK is a goal for many Indian students since the country have some of the top universities around the globe. The courses can be taught in English, and various scholarships are provided to meritorious students.

United States of America: USA education programs provide unparalleled educational opportunities and resources for Indian students. Specialized courses and research possibilities are just a few of the many perks of American colleges.

Australia: The opportunity to study abroad in Australia gives international students access to an exciting culture and warm and welcoming atmosphere. Australia offers a great standard of living and an excellent opportunity to work after studying. The extended post-study work permit introduced by the Australian Government in 2022 for international students (up to 5 years) attracts many students to Australia. Check the study in Australia details here.

Canada: Canada Study programs available to international students provide an environment that is welcoming and offers various options. Canada is well-known as a welcoming and multicultural society and provides opportunities to become permanent residents.

New Zealand offers international students a warm and inclusive atmosphere for education. The country is known for its top-class education system and for promoting innovative ideas.


Germany: In 2022, German universities made IELTS scores mandatory for admission to English-taught programs. The minimum IELTS score required is 5.5. Additionally, all students seeking admission to German universities verify their educational documents through the German APS centre in Delhi. Find the details of the German APS Certificate guide here.


Role of Study Abroad Consultants in Calicut

Study abroad consultants are important in aiding students through the complicated procedure of studying abroad. The main function of these consultancies is to help students locate suitable programs to study abroad which meet their educational and professional objectives. They offer information on programs and institutions in higher-level countries and help students make informed choices. Alongside administration and academic support, Study abroad consultants can provide helpful advice on the social and cultural aspects of studying overseas. They can also advise on the cost of living, accommodation, and local customs. This helps students to adapt to their new surroundings quickly.


Important aspects to consider when studying abroad in India

Studying abroad from India can be challenging if not done properly. Here are some essential tips to be aware of:

Research: Take into consideration factors like the cost, location, as well as cultural variations.

Application procedure: Understand the application procedure and the requirements, including language proficiency tests and financial documents.

Finances: Calculate the costs of education, housing, or living expenses. Look into scholarship options and financial aid options.

Visa: You can apply for student visas and learn about the procedures and requirements.

Health Insurance: Health insurance is mandatory in all developed countries that cover the medical requirements in a foreign country.

Accommodation: Arrange for accommodation before arriving in the country of destination.

Different cultures: Prepare for cultural differences and adjust to the changing environment.

Language: Get familiar with the native language, or consider enrolling in language classes to maximize the experience. Learning the local language will improve your study abroad experience in many ways.


What are the best courses to get a job and PR for Indian Students?

Finding the best course can be crucial to get employment and the right to permanent residence (PR) in the country of your choice. Here are a few of the top courses Indian students can choose to pursue better chances of getting a job and better PR:

Information Technology (IT) IT: The need for IT professionals is growing worldwide, and a degree in this field could be a great career and excellent PR prospects.

Businesses and Management: business courses are highly sought-after worldwide and offer great job prospects.

Healthcare Worldwide, the healthcare industry is growing rapidly and provides incredible opportunities for students in medicine, nursing, and various other related disciplines to healthcare. Engineering has become a well-known profession worldwide, and highly skilled engineers are constantly sought-after. Mechanical, electrical, software, and civil engineering are popular choices.

Tourism and hospitality:  Tourism is a booming industry that offers a lot of job openings in many countries. If you choose a study abroad program to settle abroad after your studies, consider the current job market and opportunities for PR in your chosen country.


Most Frequently asked questions about Overseas Education:

Indian students may have numerous questions about studying abroad, such as benefits, costs, and challenges. Students can make informed choices regarding their plans to study abroad by knowing the answers to these frequently asked questions.


1.Why should I hire a study abroad consultants in Kozhikode?
A study abroad advisor can assist you in choosing the most appropriate course and university depending on your preferences, academic background, and career objectives. They will also assist you through the application process, visa formalities, and arranging funds for the abroad education.


2. What are the services offered by study abroad consultants in Calicut?
Consultants for studying abroad provide various options, such as career counseling, university selection, assistance in the application process, Visa interview preparation, etc.


3. How much do overseas education consultants in Calicut charge?
The consultancy fee of study abroad consultancies in Kozhikode can vary based on the service offered, the consultant’s experience, country of education, etc. Usually, study abroad agencies in Calicut do not charge a service fee for admission services for the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.


4. Can consultants for study abroad ensure admission to foreign universities?
No. Study abroad consultants can’t guarantee admission to a foreign university. But, they could improve the chances of being accepted by helping you select the appropriate course and university by preparing a solid application and meeting all requirements. The university or institution will only make the final admission decision.



The career prospects of Indian students will be enhanced through studying abroad. With the assistance of overseas education consultants in Calicut, Indian students can realize their dream of studying abroad and get the most out of this amazing chance.