Best 5 Study Abroad Consultants in Angamaly 2023

Best 5 Study Abroad Consultants in Angamaly 2023

Going to another country to further your education and career prospects can be exciting. Study abroad consultants help students help go through various processes of studying abroad by providing guidance, information, and support for visas and loans, etc. Angamaly has several study-abroad consultants who can make the transition to foreign education easier. Below are the top 5 best study abroad consultants in Angamaly based on their expertise and customer service.


List of Top Study Abroad Consultants in Angamaly 

1.Pulse UK International:
Pulse UK International is a leading study abroad consultant that operates in several cities in the world including Angamaly. The company also offers assistance with visa applications, exam preparation, scholarships, travel arrangements, and post-study job opportunities. Pulse UK International provides overseas education services in Angamaly  for study in the UK, Canada, USA, Germany and other European countries. The knowledge and experience of the Pulse UK International team, combined with connections to universities abroad, allow it to determine the most appropriate college for every


2. Axis Overseas Careers: Axis Overseas Careers Services is a study abroad consultancy with a strong local presence in Angamaly. The company has built a reputation for its personalized approach to each student and their needs. Furthermore, Axis Overseas Services provides customized services such as airport pickup, accommodation options, and cultural orientation sessions. If you are looking for overseas education services, consider Axis Overseas. website: www. Axis


3. A2Z Study Aboard: The A2Z Study Aboard is among the top overseas educational consultants based in Angamaly in Kerala. The team of A2Z is dedicated to supporting local and other students looking to further their education at foreign institutions. The company provides appropriate guidance to students so they can make the right choice. A2Z Study Aboard provides guidance and admission assistance for abroad education in foreign countries like USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Dubai, etc. A2Z Study Aboard is an Overseas Education Consulting firm that designs custom career paths for all students based on their personal, financial and educational needs.


4.International Academy Angamaly: Angamaly is home to several ultra-modern educational institutions, renowned international schools such as Viswajyothi Public School and De Paul Institute of Science & Technology colleges. International Academy is one of the leading study abroad agency in Angamaly. It has helped many students from the area to pursue their overseas education dream in various countries like the USA, Germany, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. If you are looking for overseas education consultancy in Angamaly, you can consider International Academy for planning your studies abroad.  website: www.


5. Ed Abroad: Ed Abroad is an education consultant that has a presence in several cities in India, including Angamaly. Ed Abroad takes pride in its comprehensive and transparent services covering the entire study abroad journey, from counselling to post-study support. Ed Abroad also helps students prepare for standardized tests like the TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and GMAT. Other services include visa assistance, scholarship applications, and travel arrangements. With their experience in overseas education consultancy services, they can bring international education to students’ doorsteps. A2Z overseas education works closely with various organizations and well-known international institutions across various countries. website:

Benefits of Higher Education Abroad

Studying abroad has an array of benefits for Indian students. It can provide an enriching experience, excellent resources, and access to diverse cultures, often opening up job opportunities or the chance to progress to a higher study level. Many countries increasingly welcome international students in their institutions as a regular part of their student body. International students often bring expertise and experience from different cultures that educate professors and enhance the student’s overall learning experiences. Many universities offer attractive scholarships that can reduce costs significantly by covering a part or all tuition fees. Additionally, foreign qualifications may be recognized anywhere in the world, which could offer greater mobility in job opportunities after study.


Germany offers free education programs(No Tuition fee) for MS/PG programs at its public universities and free Ausbildung Programs for 12th passed students for 3 years FREE VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS in Nursing, IT Specialist Course, Automobile Engineering, Tourism, Hotel Management and Mechatronics etc. Students admitted to the Ausbildung programs will get a monthly stipend (Approximately 750 to 1300 EUR). For MS/PG in Germany, students need a minimum of 60% marks to get admission to public universities, and for Ausbildung programs, a pass in 12th standard ( All streams accepted) is required. Read more about how you can study in Germany free



Factors to Consider When Choosing a Country

Choosing a country to study abroad is an important and exciting decision. Below are the factors to consider while choosing your destination for higher studies abroad.

Budget: Budget is one of the most important aspects to consider when studying abroad. Tuition fees, living expenses and transportation can be costly in some cities like London, so having a clear idea of your budget will help you choose the destination according to your budget. Ensure you also factor in any additional expenses arising from visas, insurance policies and international bank fees.

Educational Program: When selecting a country for higher studies, consider the type of program and educational institution best for you. Research different universities or institutions in various countries and determine which one suits your needs regarding courses offered or other scholarly activities that interest you.

Culture: It’s essential to learn about the culture and language of the destination before making a final decision. Look into language courses available in-person or online, which could help you understand different cultures more deeply.


Employment Opportunities & Immigration Laws: After researching various countries for higher studies, many students may explore career options abroad and immigration laws related to student visas or permanent residency status after graduation. Considering these factors ahead of time can make it easier regarding post-graduation employment opportunities. This information may also be available through individual universities/institutions where students are enrolled and government websites associated with foreign affairs/immigration departments.


Costs Involved in Studying Abroad

Depending on the country, costs can vary significantly. 

The cost of living in the destination country is essential when estimating expenses for pursuing higher studies abroad. In some countries, tuition fees may be low, but other things can be expensive. Some places offer scholarships to attract international students as well as cheaper options for student accommodation.

Additionally, costs such as airfare have to be factored in depending on the study duration or whether students will travel back and forth from home during their studies abroad. Other expenses come from application processing fees that must be paid directly at International Education Centers or embassy offices in India. As such, students should thoroughly research the destination country and inquire about what type of visa might be required for study abroad applications for Indian students beforehand. Finally, tuition fee payment procedures should also be discussed before enrolling in any program overseas since many universities have different payment plans that are accepted depending on nationality or preferred currency.


Process Involved in Studying Abroad from India

Studying abroad from India is an exciting opportunity that can open the door to exciting educational and career opportunities. The following outlines the basic steps that are necessary when pursuing higher studies in another country for Indian students.

Research: The first step for every Indian student looking to study abroad is research. To take advantage of all available resources, it is essential to thoroughly investigate potential countries, universities and courses that may fit your academic and personal goals. Researching language proficiency, visa processes, and cost of living requirements will also be very beneficial when considering a foreign education option.

Take Tests: Most universities in English-speaking countries require evidence of English language proficiency and subject-specific tests such as the GRE or GMAT to get admission into graduate or postgraduate programs. This requirement should be in your mind during your initial planning period before application submission.


Secure Finances: Finances are always a key factor when studying abroad, and there are both internal and external sources available when pursuing an international education from India, including scholarships, bank loans and savings plans. It is important to research the best options before deciding where you would like to study abroad from India due mainly to its cost implications.

Once you have completed your research, taken necessary tests and secured finances, you can confidently begin the application process knowing that everything else has been handled beforehand. First, contact institutions directly or through the study abroad consultants in Angamaly. Then arrange all relevant visa requirements through the VFS Visa Application Centre in Kerala. Once accepted your study abroad consultant in Angamaly can offer further advice on Living & Accommodation opportunities available in their areas, including Students Accommodations.

Finally: Arrange travel arrangements with airlines ahead of time which many offer student flight discounts etc.!


Tips for Indian Students Planning to Study Abroad

The process can be complex and challenging for students planning overseas education from India. There are important things to note to get admission into the best university or college.


First, it’s crucial to identify the country where higher studies best suit your academic need and career aspirations. Consider the various factors like availability of courses, quality of education and cost of living. Different countries offer different benefits for international students. For example, the UK provides easy job opportunities for Indian students. Canada is best known for its easy PR rules, and the USA boasts an excellent academic environment with a diverse student mix.


Once you have identified a suitable country, researching and identifying universities or colleges is important as they may have different criteria for admission. When narrowing down your list of potential institutions, consider factors such as the institution’s location, part-time job availability in that area and whether the course offerings match your career aspirations.


Knowing which exams you must appear for and when is essential for being ready for applications. In India, mostly GRE/GMAT (for MBA) entrance examinations and IELTS/TOEFL tests must be qualified by international students who wish to study abroad, especially in destinations like the UK and USA. Funding options like scholarships should be researched during this phase since some funding opportunities may require advanced application timelines.


Working with an education consultant specializing in overseas education can be very helpful at this stage, providing relevant advice on necessary documents and local regulations. With these preparations completed, you can travel confidently for a better future!




Q1: What are the best countries for overseas education for Indians?
A: The popular overseas study destinations for Indian students are the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand, but it depends on the student’s requirements and profile.


Q2: What programs are available for higher studies abroad?
A: The programs available for higher studies abroad are undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs.


Q3: What are the basic requirements to study abroad from India?
A: The basic requirements to study abroad from India are a valid passport, admission letter from a recognized university, visa, and financial documents to prove financial stability.


Q4: How to select the right university and course for studying abroad?
A: The selection of the right university and course for studying abroad depends on factors such as academic background, financial status, future career goals, and personal preferences. Researching online and seeking guidance from educational consultants can assist in making an informed decision.


Q5: What are the funding options available to study abroad?
A: The funding options for studying abroad include scholarships, grants, and loans. It is recommended to check with the university and government organizations for available funding opportunities.


Q6: Can I work while studying abroad?
A: Depending on the country and student visa regulations, part-time work may be allowed while studying abroad. However, students must prioritize academics and obtain necessary work permits before seeking employment.



Choosing the right study abroad consultancy is crucial in realizing your dream of international education. Consideration of factors such as program choice, degree level, cost, visa requirements and job prospects are crucial in making a wise choice. It is also imperative to determine the degree of culture shock you may experience in a foreign land and inquire about the after-course support available from the college or university.The top 5 study abroad consultants in Angamaly can help students complete the study abroad journey simply and trouble-free.


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